Clean the surface. Removing any dirt or oil from the surface is very important. Making a clean surface will allow the decal to adhere properly. Remove dirt and oil for best application.

Do you have a freshly painted wall? Wait at least 1,5 week before applying wall stickers. 

Adjust the placement. Double check the sticker is going to look great in the place you have selected. Removing a sticker is possible, but most of the times it will not be reusable. Leave the paper backing on and temporarily tape the sticker to the wall.

1) Position the sticker with painter's tape. Make sure it's levelled, and straight.
Apply the tape to the corners, and one line over the middle

3) Remove the protecting back of the upper part of the sticker. 

5) Cut off the protecting back of the upper part of the sticker. 

6) Finalize the top part of the application. Using a squeegee, smooth the surface and remove any air bubbles that may be present. Leaving air bubbles can cause an uneven finish and improper adherence to a surface.

7) Repeat step 3 until 6 for the lower part of the sticker.

8) Remove the protective layer from the front of the sticker.


How to remove a wall sticker

Use a hair dryer or paint removal heater to heat the sticker, holding it at least 20 cm away from the sticker. No slowly peel off the sticker.  


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